ROI from training...

If training's could change behavior. How to translate training into behavior change at the workplace?

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Moving up the value chain...

In-organic growth has to mature into better value capture. How to help our teams move up the value chain?

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Organizational culture...

Most underrated, yet powerful component in organizations is culture. How to shift culture for execution?

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Competence is combination of skills and belief. While skills can be learned thought training/mentoring, belief is much more deep seated, guarded and rarely challenged. This also forms the reason why training does not translate into behavior at workplace.

We partner with organizations to enhance L&D ROI by helpingĀ  individuals up-skill and shift underlying beliefs, bringing about behavior change at the workplace.

Our embedded change management approach combines training, mentoring and coaching to help leaders at all levels to further lead business; by leading self and others.

We GAMIFY learning as a social engagement with exposure to health, well being and hobbies.

We look at individual change as a continuous process, demanding continuous support. Our Facilitator Coaches make themselves available to the participants for the entire duration of the program.