Welcome to Index Guided

Index Guided specialises in coaching for change and guiding individuals and organisations to pursue and achieve their goals. We are driven by the philosophy that all people possess the potential and abilities to perform amazing things, as long as they believe in what they want to achieve and are passionate about it.

Our interventional programmes are designed by practitioners who are certified professionals in their fields with extensive business skills and hands-on experience and also possessing the wisdom acquired by taking risks and experiencing the vicissitudes of life. The interventions have been effective with both small as well as large teams and are customized to suit the requirements of different organisations.

Index Guided facilitators and coaches have made training their life’s calling and the focus of what they do is to help others realise their dream/potential. Their synchronised know-how and styles in Coaching, Consulting, Training & Learning, give Index Guided a unique capability to support your organisation/individual needs.