The Participant's Paradox

At the end of our sessions, we have participants coming to us and the usual conversation is always something like this:

Participant: ‘Wonderful program…’

Us : ‘Thank you’

Participant : ‘Has my Leader also gone through this…’

Us: ‘Yes for sure…’

Participant : ‘If that’s so…I don’t see them show the good things we learned here, at the workplace…..’

Us: S i l e n c e   &   s m i l e.

This conversation has reverberated with us for a long time- Why is that learning does not translate to behaviour at the workplace?

We thought through this question many a time and tried to get to the bottom of this paradox. We realized that, competence is a combination of skills and belief. While skills can be learned, beliefs are deep seated and are shaped by our individual experiences. This explains why, you can train someone to be a great presenter, but they become one, only when their belief is aligned. Training sessions impart skills, yet, nothing happens to belief.


How do we solve this paradox?

What if we work at the competence level? - Imparting skills and also working simultaneously, to align their belief system. Today, we use a combination of training, mentoring and coaching to bring behaviour shift at the workplace. Our proven approach to building competence has been repeated and acknowledged across multiple clients.

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Can we talk anyting, but work?

A CIO was visiting a leading Multinational that categorized his firm in their ‘Invest’ category. During the course of visit to the customer briefing center, workshops and floor visits, everything went as planned. The day before the CIO’s visit was to culminate, there was a grand dinner. The Account Head and Regional Sales Head had only one agenda for the dinner; getting their next line to build relationship with the CIO and entourage. The CIO was an avid mountaineer and this was known to all the hosts.

‘How did you get into conquering peaks?’

‘What was the tallest peak you climbed?’

‘Which was the toughest peak you ascended and why do you feel so?’

‘Have you thought of climbing peaks in all continents?’

‘Which peak would you climb twice and why?’  

‘Have you ever thought of ascending any peaks in the Himalayas?’

These were not the questions that were asked…most of the talk was about future work, automation, quantum of future CR’s!

While we do fairly well in delivering what is asked for, we seldom do it leveraging relationship. Most Asian cultures do not value hobbies and individuals are limited to ‘playing with kids’ or ‘watching TV’. Not making for an interesting talk!

Our embedded programs last Six months and we expose participants to methods of recharging. We encourage them to learn a hobby and touch them on the one or more of the following hobbies.

  • Bird walk
  • Carpentry
  • Music and Story Telling
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Overnight Trekking
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Tyre pressure and Blood pressure!

While most of us have seen the pressure in a tyre increases only when more air is pumped, many of us do not know, why Blood Pressure increases?

Demands at the office results in stress. The same stress that triggers the SNS - secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine. Resulting in increase of pulse rate & blood pressure; breathing faster and shallower. Presenting you as an exhausted leader!

Leaders have an innate ability to radiate passion and energy. A true Leader practices something for the mind and something for the body. We enable this shift in our participants and consciously help reverse the effects of SNS.

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Since 1993

Why MoB - Magic of Belief?

Competence is combination of skills and belief. While skills can be learned thought training/mentoring, belief is much more deep seated, guarded and rarely challenged. This also forms the reason why training does not translate into behavior at workplace.

We partner with organizations to enhance L&D ROI by helping up-skill and shift underlying beliefs, bringing about behavior change at the workplace; eventually shifting culture.

Our embedded change management approach combines training, mentoring and coaching to help leaders at all levels to further lead business; by leading self and others.

We GAMIFY learning as a social engagement with exposure to health, well being and hobbies.

We look at individual change as a continuous process, demanding continuous support. Our Facilitator Coaches make themselves available to the participants for the entire duration of the program.